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Zoos are vital to conservation…

In a 2006 article in DVM360, Zoo animals and wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Eric Miller, explains how zoos play a bigger role than just entertainment. In fact, zoos are a key component in wildlife education, research and in the preservation of all zoo animals and wildlife that are threatened with extinction.

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Question of the day?

Wild Animal Health:

When it comes to wild animal health, which of the following do you feel is most important?

(Choose one)
A. Focusing on threatened/endangered species.
B. Expanding grants for all kinds of wild animal health research.
C. Giving wild animals the best possible quality of life.
D. Helping professional wildlife veterinarians deliver more effective care for zoo animals and wildlife
E. Other/Not Listed: ___________

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Why research is important?

By researching, fact-finding or examining are all ways to establish new methods and gain more useful conclusions. In the arena of zoological medicine, we are lagging far behind discoveries for agriculture and domestic animal health. Watch and listen to zoo and wildlife veterinarians describe the importance of research and how the Wild Animal Health Fund can bridge this gap.

To view video, click link to YouTube Channel. The video is only four and a half minutes, go now and help spread the word.