National Zoo Awareness Day 

A woman in field gear crouched down examining a creature in her hand. She is a great example of someone who has a career working with wildlife.

Zoos are often at the heart of wild animal conservation. They are a safe haven for endangered animals and are an educational experience for all ages. No matter what species you are, the zoo is a great place to be!  August 31st is National Zoo Awareness Day. On this day, animal lovers come together to…

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International Bat Night

When you’re out at night you might notice some small creatures swooping and flying in the sky. These aren’t birds–they’re bats!  Bats are small winged mammals, but some species can be rather large. For example, the flying fox, native to Australia, has a five-foot wingspan. These animals have adapted to live in deserts, mountain ranges,…

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International Tiger Day

A tiger laying down on the forest floor.

Why do tigers have stripes? They don’t want to be spotted! It’s International Tiger Day! These elusive big cats are a favorite among animal lovers. Their beauty and fierce personality have captivated people for decades. Tiger populations around the globe have led them to become well-known symbols of passion, strength, and power. Nevertheless, their numbers…

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World Snake Day

Snakes have slithered around earth for hundreds of millions of years. These ancient reptiles help keep populations in check, regulate our environment, and some have even become beloved pets. Yet, they remain fascinating creatures. As with many species, there are still some things we have yet to discover about them. World Snake Day celebrates these…

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Is animal extinction really happening?

a sea turtle

Yes! In fact, experts believe that we are in the midst of the 6th mass animal extinction known to man, called the Holocene extinction. A mass extinction is when a high percentage of distinct species dies out in a short period of time.   The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared 160 species,…

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World Wildlife Day 2023

March 3rd of every year is World Wildlife Day, a day to celebrate the world’s wildlife and plants and the contribution they make to the planet. Wild animals and their biodiversity keep our ecosystems functioning and the world turning. While you’re celebrating today, remember that they also need our help. Did you know that there are…

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Wildlife Conservation Includes Their Health

elephants in the wild

Think of wildlife conservation. Did you picture yourself planting trees, visiting a wildlife refuge, or participating in a beach clean up? Those are a few critical components of land conservation for wildlife. After all, they need safe habitats to thrive in! Imagine wildlife conservation as a puzzle, and land conservation and habitat restoration as a…

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Oil in Uganda, Can it Cause Stress to African Elephants?

Among the 14 research projects the Wild Animal Health Fund approved and funded in 2021 is Dr. James Watuwa’s study on stress levels in African Elephants. Dr. Watuwa is a wildlife and zoo veterinarian with Uganda wildlife conservation education center (Entebbe zoo)as well as a co-founder of the Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organization(EWCO). Based in Murchison Falls,…

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Conservation and…Ice Cream?

Dr. Kyle Donnelly is a zoo veterinarian at the Brevard Zoo

Dr. Kyle Donnelly is a zoo veterinarian at the Brevard Zoo and Sea Turtle Healing Center in Melbourne, Fl. Conservation and ice cream? Behind the scenes of your local zoo amazing things are happening. For the general public, a day at the zoo might mean eating ice cream while watching the penguins. The more perceptive…

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You don’t want to miss this podcast!

Rossifari logo

I believe in science, I believe in truth. Hello, I’m Jon Rossi. I’m a touring drummer with the love for all things. Again, when I’m on the road, I spend as much time as possible. Visiting zoos, aquariums, rescues, and rehab facilities. Now I want to share those places with you. I’ll be talking to…

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