What is wildlife conservation?

Wildlife Conservation is the practice of protecting and preserving wildlife and their natural habitats to maintain healthy populations and prevent extinction.   Why is this important? We are all connected. Everything has its purpose in the animal kingdom, and losing one species jeopardizes other species (including humans!) Without the plants and wildlife, the food chain will…

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What Does Endangered Mean?

baby mountain gorilla on the back of its mother

If an animal has reached endangered status on the IUCN Red List, that means that their natural populations have dropped so significantly that the species populations may not be able to grow quicker than they decline. Animals in danger of being extinct will affect all populations, including humans.   Animals are becoming endangered due to: Many…

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Animals That Are Extinct (from this century)

Caribbean monk seal anatomy

You’ve probably heard of a species going extinct, but what does that mean exactly? The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categorizes all species. There are several categories for classifying species: Not Evaluated (NE), Data Deficient (DD), Least Concern (LC), Near Threatened (NT), Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN), Critically Endangered (CR), Extinct in the Wild…

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Wildlife Conservation Includes Their Health

elephants in the wild

Think of wildlife conservation. Did you picture yourself planting trees, visiting a wildlife refuge, or participating in a beach clean up? Those are a few critical components of land conservation for wildlife. After all, they need safe habitats to thrive in! Imagine wildlife conservation as a puzzle, and land conservation and habitat restoration as a…

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Why should you not feed wildlife?

please do not feed the animals signage

It’s tempting to feed wildlife or at some point, and it seems like an innocent action. Whether it’s tossing bread to ducks or giving squirrels your leftovers, feeding or touching wildlife is always harmful and sometimes illegal. So, why should you not feed (or touch) wildlife? Human food is not healthy for wildlife Wild animals…

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Canine Distemper (CDV) in Wildlife

What is Canine Distemper? If you have a dog, you’ve probably heard of canine distemper (CDV) and vaccinated your dog for it. It is highly contagious and causes difficulty breathing, coughing, and pneumonia. In addition to those symptoms, it can cause neurological symptoms that are very similar to rabies. Saliva, urine, feces, and other respiratory…

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Our Ecosystems Need the Little Guys!

Termite Mound in Namibia

The world’s ecosystems are incredible to observe. Each species has a role, much like an office! Also like an office or any workplace, there are the big fries and the little fries. Our ecosystems consist of animals, insects, plants, and microorganisms all working together to balance the Earth. Curious how the little fries affect the…

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Birds of Prey are Dying because of Rat Poison

Harpy eagle in their nest 2

Birds of prey or raptors are some of nature’s most incredible species. Sharp eyesight, strong talons, curved beaks, and their prey are some of the reasons humans are so fascinated by them. Examples of raptors include eagles, hawks, ospreys, buzzards, owls, and falcons. In addition to being incredible, these gorgeous birds also provide critical ecosystem…

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Zoos During Covid

a staff sanitizing a zoo during COVID-19 pandemic

Light at the end of the tunnel While it’s true that nonprofits during covid struggled, things are starting to turn around. People are donating generously again, events are returning to face-to-face, and programs are being restored. Zoos have opened their gates once again for people to connect with wildlife and support conservation. Most organizations aren’t…

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Oil in Uganda, Can it Cause Stress to African Elephants?

Among the 14 research projects the Wild Animal Health Fund approved and funded in 2021 is Dr. James Watuwa’s study on stress levels in African Elephants. Dr. Watuwa is a wildlife and zoo veterinarian with Uganda wildlife conservation education center (Entebbe zoo)as well as a co-founder of the Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organization(EWCO). Based in Murchison Falls,…

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