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This is only the beginning. With support from you, we can make a difference for species all over the world.

"One person cannot do everything, but everyone can do something."

411 Grant Applications Received

Since 2012, veterinarians have applied for 461 grants from the Wild Animal Health Fund. Unfortunately, 350 projects have been left on the table.

 Until we eliminate animal extinction, we have a lot to accomplish.  Extinction doesn’t always exist because of the lack of conservation efforts.  Some animals go extinct because of health reasons and until we have the research to uncover the many unknowns of each biological species, we need professionals to seek for these answers.   

 We will continue to strive for the Wild Animal Health Fund to become self-sustaining in funding approved projects and operational expenses.  Thus, we are sure to be on our way in solving the world’s problems for zoo animals and wildlife.  

- Adine Nicholson

Director of Development

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