Meet our Leadership

The American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Executive Committee is a group of esteemed zoo and wildlife veterinarians across the United States. Each board member brings different expertise, ideas, and professional experience. Thanks to incredible doctors like these, we are one step closer to saving our animals!


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Allison Tuttle


Dr. Allison Tuttle

Mystic Aquarium

sharon deem


Dr. Sharon Deem

St. Louis Zoo

Sam Rivera Headshot


Dr. Samuel Rivera

Zoo Atlanta

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Dr. Julie Swenson

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

john sykes (3)


Dr. Michelle Davis

Wildlife Conservation Society

john sykes


Dr. John Sykes

Wildlife Conservation Society

john sykes (2)

Member at Large

Dr. Deena Brenner

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

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Member at Large

Dr. Sathya Chinnadurai

Brookfield Zoo