We're here to focus on their health.

Our mission: The Wild Animal Health Fund is the only program dedicated solely to professional veterinary research grants and studies to improve the health, welfare, and sustainability of zoo animals and wildlife.

How Health Studies Can Save Our Species

Our conservation mission focuses on the animals themselves — everything from tiny tree frogs to humpback whales. A lot of incredible organizations are focusing on land conservation but we chose to focus on the health of the animals themselves. This effort is vital to the animals because it saves and improves their lives.

We accomplish this by funding professional veterinary health studies. These studies are completed by veterinarians and their teams to learn more about zoo animals and wildlife and how to keep them around for generations to come. A study can focus on anything from

  • health parameters (think red blood cell counts
  • to disease prevention
  • less invasive surgeries
  • and even improved reproduction techniques, just to name a few.

Uniquely, the Wild Animal Health Fund is the ONLY program solely dedicated to funding professional veterinary studies to improve the health of zoo animals and wildlife.

Check out the above video to hear why research is important from the veterinarians themselves. Then, you will see that the Fund adds to the vital resources for zoo and wildlife veterinarians. 

Help veterinarians make a difference for the animals!

2021 Research Projects