World Wildlife Day 2023

March 3rd of every year is World Wildlife Day, a day to celebrate the world’s wildlife and plants and the contribution they make to the planet. Wild animals and their biodiversity keep our ecosystems functioning and the world turning. While you’re celebrating today, remember that they also need our help. Did you know that there are…

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Our Ecosystems Need the Little Guys!

The world’s ecosystems are incredible to observe. Each species has a role, much like an office! Also like an office or any workplace, there are the big fries and the little fries. Our ecosystems consist of animals, insects, plants, and microorganisms all working together to balance the Earth. Curious how the little fries affect the…

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Zoos are vital to conservation

Are zoos important to the conservation of zoo animals and wildlife? Should zoos exist? Are they even important? Why? Traditionally, zoos were solely a source of entertainment for families. In 1793, when Paris, France opened the worlds first modern zoo, employees and zookeepers knew very little about the animals they placed on display. In that…

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Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea


Did you know narwhals, the unicorns of the sea, are actually a species of whale related to the Orca and Beluga that call the Arctic Circle home? The unique and singular tusk that male narwhals grow, that gives them the nickname ‘Unicorns of the Sea’, is actually a tooth that can grow up to 10…

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Animals Are Going Extinct in the Wild

Virtually everyone knows that many animals are going extinct in the wild, but did you know there are some species that no longer exist outside of zoos, aquariums and wild animal parks? These species may be next on the list for the extinction.  Although efforts may be too late for some species, there are still…

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Many Animals Suffer From Human Diseases

Zoo animals and wildlife

Did you know that zoo animals and wildlife suffer from the same health conditions and diseases as humans? Unlike humans, though, zoo animals and wildlife are programmed to hide their pain and vulnerabilities. This is a survival mechanism in order to look and vulnerable. Sadly, this causes most species to suffer in painful silence. Many…

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