How Conservation Affects Biodiversity 

Conservation is the sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources. Preserving the world around us allows future generations to enjoy the environment we love. This includes protecting and monitoring soil, water, air, animals, plants, and energy use. Conservation consists of the planned management of these factors. Ecosystems can become imbalanced when these elements are unregulated.  What…

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Is animal extinction really happening?

a sea turtle

Yes! In fact, experts believe that we are in the midst of the 6th mass animal extinction known to man, called the Holocene extinction. A mass extinction is when a high percentage of distinct species dies out in a short period of time.   The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared 160 species,…

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What is wildlife conservation?

Wildlife Conservation is the practice of protecting and preserving wildlife and their natural habitats to maintain healthy populations and prevent extinction.   Why is this important? We are all connected. Everything has its purpose in the animal kingdom, and losing one species jeopardizes other species (including humans!) Without the plants and wildlife, the food chain will…

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Animals That Are Extinct (from this century)

Caribbean monk seal anatomy

You’ve probably heard of a species going extinct, but what does that mean exactly? The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categorizes all species. There are several categories for classifying species: Not Evaluated (NE), Data Deficient (DD), Least Concern (LC), Near Threatened (NT), Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN), Critically Endangered (CR), Extinct in the Wild…

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Wildlife Conservation Includes Their Health

elephants in the wild

Think of wildlife conservation. Did you picture yourself planting trees, visiting a wildlife refuge, or participating in a beach clean up? Those are a few critical components of land conservation for wildlife. After all, they need safe habitats to thrive in! Imagine wildlife conservation as a puzzle, and land conservation and habitat restoration as a…

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Our Ecosystems Need the Little Guys!

Termite Mound in Namibia

The world’s ecosystems are incredible to observe. Each species has a role, much like an office! Also like an office or any workplace, there are the big fries and the little fries. Our ecosystems consist of animals, insects, plants, and microorganisms all working together to balance the Earth. Curious how the little fries affect the…

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Conservation and…Ice Cream?

Dr. Kyle Donnelly is a zoo veterinarian at the Brevard Zoo

Dr. Kyle Donnelly is a zoo veterinarian at the Brevard Zoo and Sea Turtle Healing Center in Melbourne, Fl. Conservation and ice cream? Behind the scenes of your local zoo amazing things are happening. For the general public, a day at the zoo might mean eating ice cream while watching the penguins. The more perceptive…

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10 Ways You Can Help Endangered Animals

Feeling helpless when it comes to helping endangered animals? Here are 10 easy ways to help: To learn more about endangered animals, check out this page. We’d love to have you join our family on socials! Instagram Facebook

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Women in Wildlife Research

Did you know some of the most powerful voices in zoo animal and wildlife research have been women? Several of these women paved the way during a time when women weren’t in conservation. You can thank these women for the protection of species like: cheetahs, gorillas, rhinos, sharks, orangutans, elephants, chimpanzees, and so many more.…

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Why are the Rhinos disappearing?

Today, three out of the five rhino species is considered Critically Endangered, or is facing extinction. So why are rhinos disappearing? The biggest threat is poachers killing the 5,000 pound creatures for their horns. A large percentage of this poaching has taken place in South Africa, home to most rhino species in the world. Their…

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