2022 Research Projects

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Improving animal welfare for Southern Africa rhinos

Environmental contaminants impacting the NW Atlantic grey seals

Validate in-field blood test techniques to evaluate health status in confiscated turtles

Diagnosing viruses in gentoo penguins

Sea lion and fur seals health monitoring program in southern Peru

Pain control in avian species

Developing diagnostic methods to detect parasites in water systems

Health assessment on wild herbivores with noninvasive fecal sampling

Fatal infections in California sea otters

Surveillance of gastrointestinal viruses in sea turtles

Elephant herpesvirus hemorrhagic disease

Multi-pathogens, disease, and mortality in confiscated Eastern box turtles

Physiological effects of capture and translocation on eastern black rhinoceros

Understanding of the immune response of the African penguin during an active infection

Identifying pathogenesis of EEHV infection in Asian and African elephants

Tapir conservation in Costa Rica: movement ecology, health and genetic structure analysis

Assess the presence of viruses in both free-ranging and human-managed turtles worldwide

Determining toxoplasma in Beluga whales for conservation efforts