Animal Health: What’s important?

When it comes to zoo animal and wildlife health, which of the following do you feel is most important?

A. Focusing on threatened/endangered species. The extensive list can be found on the IUCN Red List.
B. Expanding grants for all kinds of wild animal health research. Click here to see the list of species that have benefited from a Wild Animal Health Fund grant.
C. Giving wild animals the best possible quality of life. The Gorilla Doctors, for example, dedicate their lives to study and protect the mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda.
D. Helping professional wildlife veterinarians deliver more effective care for zoo animals and wildlife
E. Other/Not Listed: ___________

F. All the above

Wild Animal Health Fund feels the most appropriate answer is F. All the above. We believe that focusing on all the species, and most importantly, the endangered species is dire.

Expanding grants, expands the different animals that can be helped, as well as the number of grants that can be awarded.

We do not just help zoo animals in human care. Wild Animal Health Fund helps many groups that are striving to keep a species in the wild like the Gorilla Doctors.

We are proud to help zoo and wildlife veterinarians make a difference by delivering more effective care to the animals that we are all so passionate about.

Join us in helping zoo and wildlife veterinarians solve the health issues of those that cannot speak for themselves.