In Situ vs. Ex Situ Conservation

Different types of conservation Did you know that there’s a name for the different types of conservation? Latin for “in” and “out” of place, in situ and ex situ describes the location for wildlife.  In situ refers to the animal’s original home and ex situ describes conservation in which the animal has been moved. Each…

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Zoos are vital to conservation

Are zoos important to the conservation of zoo animals and wildlife? Should zoos exist? Are they even important? Why? Traditionally, zoos were solely a source of entertainment for families. In 1793, when Paris, France opened the worlds first modern zoo, employees and zookeepers knew very little about the animals they placed on display. In that…

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Can’t go to the zoo? Visit one virtually then!

Zoo and Wildlife Animals

For all you Zoo Lovers! Don’t fret! We have you covered! Can’t get out to visit the zoo? Visit a zoo virtually then! Sadly, our world is still in lock down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Zoos, conservation facilities and sanctuaries all over the world have temporarily closed their doors to the public as well…

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Many Animals Suffer From Human Diseases

Zoo animals and wildlife

Did you know that zoo animals and wildlife suffer from the same health conditions and diseases as humans? Unlike humans, though, zoo animals and wildlife are programmed to hide their pain and vulnerabilities. This is a survival mechanism in order to look and vulnerable. Sadly, this causes most species to suffer in painful silence. Many…

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Zoo Veterinarians; It’s a way of life

  Do you love your job? Kansas City Zoo veterinarian, Dr. Kirk Suedmeyer will be the first to say that if you follow what you are passionate about, your job will never be work, but rather a fulfilling way of life. From the time he was a child, when his mom and grandma would take…

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