Careers Working with Zoo Animals and Wildlife

A woman in field gear crouched down examining a creature in her hand. She is a great example of someone who has a career working with wildlife.

Don’t put yourself in a box—there are dozens of career options to explore that work with zoos and wildlife.  

A career working with wildlife is a rewarding job. You can see how your actions directly influence the lives of animals around the globe. Each one of the occupations listed below involves being an animal advocate in their own unique way

Here are a few job opportunities working with wildlife you might be interested in: 

  • Educator: Animal educators teach the public about wildlife. Animal educators interact with people of all ages and show them how to properly care for animals and our environment. Educators can work at zoos, aquariums, rehabilitation facilities, schools, and more! 
  • Curator: Curators coordinate and manage animal care. They oversee duties such as habitat renovation and direct animal activities. In addition, curators typically manage keepers and technical staff.  
  • Scientist: Wildlife scientists conduct research regarding animal health. They can be biologists, pathologists, and zoologists. 
  • Zookeeper: Zookeepers are responsible for feeding, observing, and conducting enrichment exercises for animals in managed care. They conduct exhibit maintenance and maintain records of animals in their care. 
  • Technician: Zoo technicians work alongside zoo veterinarians. They provide medical care to sick and injured wildlife. Zoo technicians can assist in health examinations, lab tests, and administering medication. 
  • Communications: People working in the wild animal communications field spread awareness of wild animal issues via media and social media platforms. They curate content for zoos, rehabilitation facilities, and more. 
  • Nutritionist: Zoo and wildlife nutritionists are experts on animal diets. Nutritionists create specialized meal plans for each animal in their care. 
  • Veterinarian: Zoo and wildlife veterinarians specialize in non-domestic animal care. Zoo veterinarians conduct critical research and surgeries and treat sick and injured wildlife. They work at zoos, aquariums, research facilities, academia, museums or in field conservation. 

However, there is one way to support wild animal health from the comfort of your own home!

Zoo and wildlife veterinarians need to conduct critical research projects to prevent diseases and monitor the health of wild animals.  It may come as a surprise that there is little to no funding for this issue. 

That’s where we, the Wild Animal Health Fund, come in. Our proceeds directly support zoo and wildlife research projects around the globe. With your support, the world’s veterinarians are able to provide the care wild animals need in order to survive.

There are plenty of career options for working with zoo animals and wildlife. A plethora of information to learn and a whole world to explore awaits you. Let us know which path you’re headed on! 

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