World Snake Day

A picture of a yellow snake wrapped around a tree. This unique animal captures the beauty of snakes for World Snake Day.

Snakes have slithered around earth for hundreds of millions of years. These ancient reptiles help keep populations in check, regulate our environment, and some have even become beloved pets. Yet, they remain fascinating creatures. As with many species, there are still some things we have yet to discover about them. World Snake Day celebrates these reptiles!

Here are some facts about snakes you might not know:

Unfortunately, snakes and other reptiles have faced scrutiny from improperly educated individuals. World Snake Day brings awareness to this issue. These animals are essential to our ecosystems, and all animals benefit from their presence in natural environments. 

However, there are still threats and unknowns regarding these species. Viral and fungal infections have led to serious health concerns in wild snake populations. In addition, their diet and behavioral patterns require more observation. These are all factors the Wild Animal Health Fund has previously funded projects for.

The Wild Animal Health Fund is helping protect and learn more about these creatures. This year, we funded a research study to determine the effects of suppressing the immune system of watersnakes with fungal infections. Your support will help zoo and wildlife veterinarians better manage outbreaks within captive and free-range snake populations.

Celebrate World Snake Day by supporting snake health!