How Conservation Affects Biodiversity 

Fish swimming in a coral reef.

Conservation is the sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources. Preserving the world around us allows future generations to enjoy the environment we love. This includes protecting and monitoring soil, water, air, animals, plants, and energy use. Conservation consists of the planned management of these factors. Ecosystems can become imbalanced when these elements are unregulated. 

What is biodiversity? 

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. There are different species of animals and plants all around the globe. Each is equally important and has a role in the circle of life. However, pollution, climate change, and human activity have led to declining global biodiversity.  

The relationship between conservation and biodiversity 

A loss of biodiversity can lead to species being threatened by extinction. For example, red pandas are endangered due to poaching and deforestation. Unnatural extinctions are occurring at unprecedented rates in our society. A lack of biodiversity can lead to entire ecosystems collapsing. As stated before, every part of an ecosystem depends on one another for survival. The answer to this pressing problem lies in conservation. 

By monitoring wildlife populations, we are able to make decisions to preserve the animals we love. Veterinarians and animal care specialists are able to sustain endangered species in accredited zoos and aquariums or in natural environments. Through managed care, wild animals are able to get the proper enrichment and protection they need.  

Conservation maintains biodiversity and allows species to thrive. Whether it’s removing invasive species, relocating or reintroducing an animal, or observation, conservation is the center of zoo and wild animal well-being.  

One topic many people have overlooked is zoo and wild animal health. Animal health is the first step in conservation to ensure species’ safety and maintain biodiversity. Diseases and outside influences are the start of population decline. It’s critical the world’s zoo and wildlife veterinarians research these issues before it’s too late. 

The Wild Animal Health Fund is dedicated to protecting animal health around the globe. Join us in advocating for zoo and wildlife health through critical research! 

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