What is wildlife conservation?

Wildlife Conservation is the practice of protecting and preserving wildlife and their natural habitats to maintain healthy populations and prevent extinction.  

Black and white image of animals, plants and humans around the world
The ecosystems are perfectly designed for all to cohabitate

Why is this important?

We are all connected. Everything has its purpose in the animal kingdom, and losing one species jeopardizes other species (including humans!)

Without the plants and wildlife, the food chain will crumble, threatening wildlife and humans. Simply put, humans cannot exist without the plants and wildlife of the world. 

Owl turning its head

What is causing the need for wildlife conservation?

As human populations grow, so does the need for more housing, jobs, and food. When this occurs, it displaces the wildlife that called that once-land home. As more homes are built, businesses start and grow, and farmland is expanded to provide food. As a result of this, wildlife habitats are becoming increasingly smaller, or they are forced into habitats that are not suitable for them. This domino effect also pushes their food source out of their natural ecosystems. Most importantly, it increases the likelihood of the spread of various highly infectious diseases, from rabies to tuberculosis.  

How is this affecting the health of wildlife?

Malnutrition and starvation are two major effects of wildlife losing their habitats. In addition, wildlife also becomes more susceptible to illnesses and diseases that they were not exposed to previously.  

What is Wild Animal Health Fund doing to aid in wildlife conservation?

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We believe that prioritizing the health of wildlife is the missing piece of the conservation puzzle. Annually, Wild Animal Health Fund provides grants to zoo and wildlife veterinarians with strict guidelines to ensure the animals’ health and well-being are of the greatest priority. These grants cover projects that cure disease, provide pain relief, discover diseases, create vaccines, monitor health, and much more. With your generous contributions, we are dedicated to solving the missing puzzle piece one grant at a time. See 2022 project titles by clicking here.

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