Why Research is Important

Why is research important?

Simply put, by researching, fact-finding or examining a subject, we gain more knowledge, establish new methods and develop more useful conclusions. These conclusions have the potential to help solve many unanswered questions. These answers, in return, could save so many lives.

In the last 150 years, there have been great advancements for animal health in domestic animals. But sadly, for zoo animals, we are lagging far behind.

How does research the zoo animals and wildlife?

Zoo and wildlife veterinarians know that zoological medicine needs more resources. When it is compared to domestic animal medicine. These selfless individuals dedicate their lives to help those that cannot speak for themselves.

Animals are becoming extinct almost daily, and when another species is added to the IUCN Red list, the importance of understanding what these animals need is startlingly obvious.

There is no denying it, research is extremely important! And more needs to occur in order to save the zoo animals and wildlife before it is too late.

How is Wild Animal Health Fund helping?

The Wild Animal Health Fund knows that this is why research is more important now than ever. We are here to help the veterinarians optimize the health of the zoo animals and wildlife. Wild Animal Health Fund offers grant funding of critical research and studies.

The Wild Animal Health Fund guidelines are strict. The wellbeing of the animal is our top priority. We understand this is needed to optimize the health, welfare and conservation of zoo animals and wildlife. Click here to see the list of species that Wild Animal Health Fund has funded grants for.

Let the animal medical professionals tell you.

To learn more of why the funding of Wild Animal Health Fund and research is important, watch the video in the link below. Zoo and wildlife veterinarians, from all over the world, describe why research is important to them and they animals they are so passionate about. And also, how the Wild Animal Health Fund can bridge this gap.

To view video, click link to YouTube Channel. The video is only four and a half minutes, go now and help spread the word.