Baby Zoo Animals and Wildlife

Baby Zoo Animals and Wildlife

Who doesn’t love baby zoo animals? We sure do!  

Whether it is a foal, poult, kid, fawn, cub, kit, pup, calf or joey exploring and playing in their new little worlds, we can all agree that babies of any species are just adorable. And a positive sign for the future. 

Wild Animal Health Fund loves to see baby zoo animals. We love following Zoo Borns to stay in the know of the new births that are occurring in zoos and conservation parks around the world. It is true confirmation that what we are doing, is making a difference.   

In fact, baby zoo animals and wildlife are one of the main driving forces behind Wild Animal Health Fund. When we focus on the health and wellbeing of any species, we are securing a future for all species. New births offer a glimpse in our successes.  

Today, nearly 40 species are 100% extinct in the wild; but a few individual animals of each species are in protective care. Thankfully, conservation programs and zoos have provided a safe environment for these individuals. They are giving baby zoo animals and wildlife another opportunity for their populations to rebound. If it were not for research, conservation efforts and programs and zoos, these animals would have become extinct altogether.  

Research, conservations, conservation programs and zoos are showing positive results. Adorable babies being born, helping their populations grow and gain some strength again. 

The California Condor, golden lion tamarin and scimitar-horned oryx are a few that were once extinct in the wild. Today, they are rebounding in their natural habitats after successful conservation efforts to build their populations and reintroductions.  

How can you help? Support Wild Animal Health Fund today to be a part of the bigger picture.