Why fundraising is so important for the animals


Why is fundraising so important for the animals? Simply put, because we can’t afford to lose sight of the need for research for them, too. 

During this uncertain time of COVID, the rapidly changing environment, conflicts near and far, and other catastrophes – natural and created by humans, Wild Animal Health Fund knows one thing for absolute certain, the animals STILL need our help.  

Zoo and wildlife veterinarians and specialists have not given up on the animals in managed care or the wild.  And they won’t. Nor will Wild Animal Health Fund. And this is why we feel fundraising is more important now than ever.

From detecting Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus in wild African elephants, or identifying biomarkers for Mycobacterium bovis infections in cheetahs and leopards, to studying industrial disturbances in migrating whooping cranes, Wild Animal Health Fund is here to help these specialists help the animals.  

With so many pieces of the puzzle still out of place, we cannot lose sight that the animals are in peril.

You can help too!  

How? Wild Animal Health Fund has several ways that you can donate to this great cause: 

  1. Sharing the Wild Animal Health Fund website and blogs with your friends, family and others in your life. 
  1. Following Wild Animal Health Fund on Facebook and sharing with your social media community 
  1. Clicking the donate button 
  1. Purchasing any of the handcrafted puzzles that we offer on the AAZV.org website (Follow the link here) https://wildanimalhealthfund.org/ways/puzzles/  
  1. Purchasing any of the sets of notecards by Zoo veterinarian Kirk Suedmeyer that we offer on the AAZV.org website (Follow the link here) https://wildanimalhealthfund.org/ways/notecards/  
  1.   What other ideas can you come up with to tell us? 

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi