One funded project can help other species but what is the impact?
First, you should know that each Wild Animal Health Fund project must share the results through refereed scientific journals and lectures at conferences with scientists from all over the world. The beneficial insight from the shared knowledge then goes into action for the animals’ care whether the animal is in a managed-care facility or population management programs of free-ranging species.

For example, the Wild Animal Health Fund supported a study of the critically endangered species, the mountain chicken frog. The results uncovered a better understanding of the frog’s nutritional requirements. As a result, the nutritional study is acting as a model for other amphibian species. Now, other amphibian species of conservation concern can benefit.

Thus, the impact of the Wild Animal Health Fund studies is far-reaching. Many times, like in the above case, there is a crossover that impacts similar species. However, we have much more to uncover if we are going to make a difference in the lives of zoo animals and wildlife.

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