Can’t go to the zoo? Visit one virtually then!

For all you Zoo Lovers! Don’t fret! We have you covered!

Can’t get out to visit the zoo? Visit a zoo virtually then!

Sadly, our world is still in lock down because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Zoos, conservation facilities and sanctuaries all over the world have temporarily closed their doors to the public as well as non-essential employees and volunteers. This will stay in effect until it is safe for the visitors and zoo animals.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to realize the zoo animals are missing their visitors. Animal keepers are having to find creative ways to offer enrichment activities for those they care for. The facilities wanted to continue to offer the visitors their enrichment too.

You can now visit many aquarium and zoos virtually!

We have complied a list of zoos that offer free virtual tours from the comfort and safety of your home. Once a week, we will add 5 more facilities to the virtual tour list.

Follow the links below to stay connected, educated and entertained by your favorite zoo. You may discover one or two to add to list to visit in the future!

Share with us what you favorite tour has been. What is your favorite zoo animal to watch?