Zoo Veterinarians; It’s a way of life


Do you love your job? Kansas City Zoo veterinarian, Dr. Kirk Suedmeyer will be the first to say that if you follow what you are passionate about, your job will never be work, but rather a fulfilling way of life.

From the time he was a child, when his mom and grandma would take him to the zoo, Dr. Suedmeyer knew he wanted to be a zoo veterinarian

It was seeing the passion and dedication given to the animals that inspired him to become a zoo veterinarian. Since following his childhood dream, he has care for, studied, diagnosed and treated hundreds of different species.

Contagious passion

His passion for the animal is nothing less than contagious. This zoo veterinarian leads by example, as you can see in his team. Everyone on his team is passionate about the animals. More importantly, they all have the health and wellbeing of the animals as a top priority.

Whether a species lives on land, flies through the air or calls water home, Dr. Suedmeyer and his team are responsible for the health and wellbeing of every species at the zoo.

The results from this work has allowed him to establish a strong foundation for animal health. This ensures that the animals in his care will live long and healthy lives.

Another passion helps Wild Animal Health Fund

As the video below tells us how Dr. Suedmeyer became a zoo veterinarian, he also shares a couple other passions. Being an incredible artist is one of them. Dr. Suedmeyer has been gracious with this talent. Wild Animal Health Fund gets a small portion of the proceeds from sale of beautiful zoo animal note cards. To purchase one or more of these incredible sets, click here.

To learn more about Dr. Kirk Suedmeyer, the life of a zoo veterinarian and what drives him and his team, watch this informative news story.


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